Speakers tell us what excites them about #FoW2016

Speakers tell us what excites them about #FoW2016

Ever been to a conference where the speakers want to be anywhere but on the panel? It is a hard slog and makes the experience dull or even painful. In setting the agenda for Future of Work 2016 we have worked hard at selecting speakers who care about the topics they are talking about and want to be in the room. We think talking about the future of work in Australia is important – and so do the speakers. We asked our speaker lineup what excites them about the future of work, here is what they had to say.



‘I am most excited to hear about how the future of work and the future of life intersect’ – James Law


‘It absolutely is a global market place for talent and ideas; the best innovators are not necessarilywinners of the postcode lottery.’ – Laura MacKenzie



‘To be in a  room full of others passionate about the how, why & what of the Future sounds like my ‘happy place”- Jacinta Whelan




‘The range of intelligent minds in the room should bring diverse and interesting perspectives the issues.’- Will Fooks.

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‘Working with a fantastic team to help energise people to embrace the change ahead’ – Narelle Hooper.



‘I believe that we are ahead of the curve in anticipating a shift in the nature of the way people work, and I’m excited to see how we can shape that future.’ -Dom Price.




‘The world is changing at an unprecedented pace.  There are significant challenges future generations will inherit, including the changing world of work.  I believe our young people are ambitious, creative and capable of rethinking the world. If we can ensure we are investing in all young people, from a diversity of backgrounds, utilising their time, talent and ideas, they can create new and better ways of doing things to create a better future for us all. ‘ – Jan Owen.




‘Spending time with people who are equally as excited about crafting the best future workplaces possible.’ – Chloe Haman.


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‘The opportunity to present my research, among such esteemed experts is fantastic, but I am really excited about hearing industry experts perspectives and gaining insights into the future of work.’ – Sylvia Roux.



‘The Future of Work conference is an amazing event as it covers the three important domains that are defining our future workplaces.’ – James Dellow.




‘Meeting people who are at the forefront of innovation and interested in new ideas about the way we work.’  – Varina Paisley.




‘Sharing experiences and bringing the future of work discussions into the public domain.’ – Anne Bartlett-Bragg.




‘The exciting thing about Future of Work is that we are literally in the beginning of a huge transformation that is changing how, where and why people work. The increasing need for flexibility, creativity and productivity in this technology enabled world is set to reinvent the future of work and I am excited to be part of this conversation at CFWL’s FOW event. ‘ – Sarah Liu.



Well, if that isn’t enough to get you excited nothing is.





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