Networking. What does the word make you feel?

Do you hear it and immediately recite your elevator pitch, send out your electronic business card, add the person on Linked In whilst name dropping your mentor and ‘penciling in’ a quick coffee to chat further on Monday?

Or perhaps you retreat to a dark room and wait for your networking induced hives to calm down. JUST. THINK. OF. THE. OCEAN.

You are probably more in the middle, like everyone else. You appreciate it is a job skill that is important, good networking can open doors and opportunities, but also you wish it was a bit easier and, a little less- you know- slick and filled with buzzwords.

The way I see it is that whilst networking can feel icky it is still an asset you need to unlock and you might as well make networking work for you. We have identified that networking is difficult and something people require to feel confident about their future of work, and have built several features in to the Future of Work: People, Place, Technology which will help you ‘upskill’ in the area. Apologies for using the word upskill, we should probably have a naughty jar at the event where every time someone uses such a term they have to pay a fine.

The most exciting program feature on networking is the ‘Networking: Working the Room’ session run by our friends at NIDA. If you are looking for a teaser of what the session will hold then look no further than this NIDA blog post ‘Top tips for networking with confidence and ease.’  The gang from NIDA are pros at ‘faking it ’til you make it’ and will help you do the same.


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