#hint #hack #toptips: helping social media and technology work for you at #FOW2016

#hint #hack #toptips: helping social media and technology work for you at #FOW2016

The Future of Work, People, Place, Technology obviously has a large focus on the role of technology in the future. But what is the role of technology in the coming three days?

Technology at conferences can be an unwieldy beast and without a bit of consideration you can find yourself with a sore neck and no new experiences or knowledge because all you did was use your device. On the flip side good use of technology and devices can enhance your experience and make learning and networking easier.

appHere are a few tips on how to get the most out of technology at your Future of Work 2016.

  1. Download the app. The app? Yep the app – on both apple and android – search your app provider for future of work 2016. This is what it looks like so you can find it.

It has been designed to help you connect with speakers and other attendees, to follow what is happening on social media around the event and also so you have a map and schedule in your pockets. We have been working towards #FOW2016 being a paperless event and providing the app is a key way we have achieved this.

2. Take notes – I spent a lot of my undergraduate degree watching other students take copious notes in class, just notes and notes and notes. Or you would see students on the train just highlighting whole pages of a reader – building in others a fear that perhaps they were missing the point. But not taking is beneficial, helps you interact with the new information you are receiving and hopefully remember it. There are bunch of note taking apps that you can use, and no one ever said a pen and paper was not OK, but for my money I find Evernote the best.

3. Twitter and flutter and be a social butterfly – here is some etymology from Quora on the term social butterfly. Using social media at a conference is great for a bunch of reasons. I love conferences that use ‘the socials’ to facilitate audience interaction and asking of questions. I also love when twitter allows for the audience to be, well the hilarious people they no doubt are. Twitter comes into its own when question asking is involved as there is a limit on how much can be said – ahem! Throughout Future of Work you can watch live tweet updates of the ‘great minds don’t think alike’ side event through the hashtag #gmdta you can also keep up to date with the conference happenings through our twitter account @leadingatwork  and through our event management organisation @WildwonProjects. Also get on board yourself the official hashtag with be #FOW2016 and we are running a social media treasure hunt over the event to help increase interaction and hopefully be a bit of fun.

A few questions you might have.

Will there be wifi? Yes.

Will there be tag and testing? Yes – that probably wasn’t a question you have, but more information I want to give you. Fed Square has strict regulations on electricity and they try their best to not have meltdowns- so we will provide an electrician to tag and test during morning tea so that all of our devices can be used.

Will there be a punishment for people who don’t hashtag all day long? Yes. Well no, we mostly just think that social media and technology are an exciting way to create some buzz and democratise the conversation between speakers and attendees and help make the topic of Australia’s future of work a prominent national conversation.




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We will collate your questions to ask at the event. Just tag us and use the conference hashtag.


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