Leah Heiss

Leah Heiss - Designer | Lecturer, RMIT University | Freelance

Leah Heiss is a Melbourne-based designer whose practice is located at the nexus of design, technology and health. Within her projects she collaborates widely — working with experts from nanotechnology, medicine, hearing and manufacturing through to fashion design.

She is dedicated to the idea that design can radically improve the development of our therapeutic technologies. Her projects include jewellery to administer insulin through the skin for diabetics, new forms for hearing technologies; biosignal sensing emergency jewellery; and swallowable devices to detect disease. She has an extensive knowledge of next-generation materials and processes and her toolkit contains shape-memory alloys, magnetic liquid, electroluminescent cable and electricity conducting textiles.

Leah is an academic in the RMIT Interior Design program, a researcher at the RMIT Centre for Advanced Materials and Performance Textiles, and a practicing designer whose work has both commercial and research outcomes. Her design work has been exhibited and presented both locally and globally, and attracted significant local and international press across all platforms. She recently received a Good Design Award – Social Innovation for her design contribution to the IHearYou system with Blamey Saunders Hears.


Context image credit: The Smart Heart cardiac monitor necklace, 2016 by Leah Heiss, Kelly Macarow and Paul Beckett in collaboration with St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Nossal Institute for Global Health, funded by Gandel Philanthropy



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