The way we work is changing; the opportunities created by globalisation, technological advancement and demographic changes are making us rethink the nature and meaning of ‘work’.

Australian workplaces are facing a revolution in both organisational cultures and working practices; there are greater opportunities to innovate, exercise high degrees of autonomy and flexibility, and yet there are also significant challenges brought about by more uncertainty about employment pathways and job security.

Future of Work: People, Place, Technology explores new ways of working and equips attendees with the knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to and lead the ‘future of work’ by exploring the intersection of three themes: People, Place and Technology.



I think every workplace is built up of the trimumvirate of people, place and technology, but foremost, everywhere, is people. We need to keep experimenting and learning together about better ways of working. And that’s not just the ‘leader’, that’s everybody in the team.

– Helen Souness, Etsy

In a rapidly changing landscape Australia’s greatest resource is the creativity and ideas of its people.  The ability to innovate and adapt will be an increasingly important skill set for the success of the Australian economy. Flexibility, diversity, gender equality and effective collaboration are becoming increasingly important.  The ability to lead diversity in the workplace, embrace opportunities for innovation, growth, optimism and agility are critical for current and emerging workplace leaders.



Flexibility is really crucial for both men and women in the workplace. It’s a motivator, and it enhances performance and productivity.

– Amy Mullins, Women’s Leadership Institute of Australia

What does the workplace of the future look like and what is the impact of the changing nature of the way we work? With work becoming increasingly globalised and flexible, many are seeking out more innovative spaces to work that are not necessarily located in a standard office.



Technology is having a huge impact on the way people work and the way people communicate. It is allowing people to connect with one another, which is really breaking down barriers.

-Simon Rossi, Uber

Technology is the most widely discussed driver of change for the future of work. Technology is already replacing a wide range of jobs, creating others and transforming the way we undertake work. In order to embrace the opportunities presented by these changes there is an urgent need to understand our relationship with technology, how it is affecting the way we work, how we relate to each other, and ourselves.


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